Anke de Ridder

FamousGrey & Visit.Brussels launch a real time city guide

The renowned full-service agency, FamousGrey, has developed a real time city guide for Visit.Brussels, called The app allows you to discover Brussels through the eyes of its true inhabitants. “Brussels has a lot of beautiful places, many of them undiscovered by tourists, but known by the locals. Visit.Brussels came up with the idea of

Decoding OpenAMR payloads for Maddalena LoRaWAN water sensors

Maddalena IoT-enabled water meters Maddalena s.p.a. is an Italian company providing water readers that are frequently used in Belgium and across Europe. Water meters such as the PR-MWM can detect the lowest flow rates (from 0.5 liters / hour). So this makes them, according to this company, “the ideal meter for billing cold water consumption

Proximus EnCo supports team in IoT hackathon

Recently the first edition of the R-IoT games took place. Realdolmen organized this hackathon for all Flemish-speaking colleges, universities and training centers. The challenge of the competition: ‘Make our society a better place with the help of IoT’. 4 students of the University of Ghent took on this challenge and composed a team as T.Inc

Discover the latest CloudEngine features

A lot of new features have been brought to the EnCo CloudEngine since the beginning of 2019. We thought it might be a good moment to pause for a second and quickly summarize all what we have added as well as give you a sneak peek at what’s coming next.

Proximus helps Goodplanet to measure impact

Today, all types of organisations in many different sectors get confronted with the need for digital transformation. As was Goodplanet at the end of 2017. Together with Proximus they were able to take the first steps into the world of IoT to help them measure the impact of their activities. Goodplanet is a non-profit organisation