Hello World !

Here it is, just for you: the Proximus EnCo Blog on enabling.be !

The Enco Blog arrives with a bunch of new social media tools all selected to enhance communication both with and within the developer’s community working with the EnCo Platform. Its goal is to keep you updated with every news related to Proximus EnCo and to bring to light cases and projects powered by the EnCo Platform.

So what’s coming with it?

Blog Posts

The EnCo Team will share along the way new updates, implementation of new assets, events we partipate to, and cases from our community. Multimedia will comes along when needed with pictures, videos and much more.. Starting with Hackapost we will launch a few videos to show what we do in the most concrete way: events, Hackapost’s Dev Vids and How To Tutorials !


Proximus EnCo will support Hackapost and this blog will be the central place for all the news surrounding this event (check the Q&A session). Everything is related and we worked hard to push a 1.3 updates for our platform just in time to support the event. The list of changes is here.

Social media

With Social Media, let’s boost the discussion both within the Enco dev Community and with the outside world! You’ll find shortcuts to our social media on the upper right of the blog and we added share functionalities under every blog post.

  • Twitter : When we take part in events, want to discuss a trending topic or simply to get to know you better.
  • Facebook :  Who don’t have a Facebook account? Join our Group to stay updated and discuss the latest news.
  • LinkedIn : Let’s meet in a very professional environment to bring your professional skills and experience to the table.
  • Reddit : When we want to address a question to the outside world, this is THE place!
  • Zendesk : (under Community): Our Forum with FAQ and a ticketing system is remain the first place developers should go when they face issues !
EnCo TeamHello World !
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