LoRa Welcome Plan: build an IoT prototype using free LoRaWAN connectivity

The LoRa Welcome Plan on EnCo is now available! Announced at our first #EnCoAPIhour, it consists of a freemium plan allowing our users to prototype an IoT solution using LoRaWAN connectivity so they can test things out before deploying on a larger scale.

Jan Manssens, Director of Enterprise Strategy, Growth and Innovation at Proximus, proudly announced the launch of the Welcome plan for LoRa on EnCo at the first #EnCoAPIhour this week.

Going to a free tier for every Proximus API !

The Welcome Plan clearly goes in the direction of our mission which is to make Proximus API accessible to all. You can try it for free and pay when you want to scale your solution.

A lot of users were looking for a free way to experience IoT solutions using our LoRaWAN network. Beforehand, you had only two choices: directly subscribe to the Premium plan (with a setup cost of 650 EUR for 100 devices) or buy an AllThingsTalk RDK including six months of LoRa connectivity.

Brace yourself, this has changed now! Next to the Premium plan and the Free Plan (concerning IP devices), you now have the “Welcome Plan” to try LoRa connectivity for up to 5 LoRa devices and a limited two-month period.

Which connectivity should I choose?

Even if LoRa is the genuine IoT connectivity, it does not cover all situations. Sometimes a 2G/3G/4G solution will be more suitable, sometimes Bluetooth or WiFi and we don’t even talk about USSD or SMS powered solutions…

LoRa is the best choice if you look for a very energy efficient connectivity (a typical IoT device battery can last up to 5 years or an unlimited time if equipped with solar panels) securely carrying small amount of data over long ranges!

Which connectivity is the best for your case? Now you can test them all before making your choice!


EnCo TeamLoRa Welcome Plan: build an IoT prototype using free LoRaWAN connectivity
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