A simple SMS bot to check meeting room availability

Among all scarce resources on this planet, meeting rooms should definitely be considered one of them. Even if you have a room reservation system, it can be cumbersome to use whatever web site or application to check if a room is available right now, as you need it (open the laptop, wait for it to connect on the network, open Outlook, check the meeting room status, etc). On top of this, a room may be flagged as booked in a reservation system while being actually free, as the people who booked it changed their plans (hello co-working spaces ?).

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Frederic MottiatA simple SMS bot to check meeting room availability

Time to opt-in to EnCo’s newsletter

In order to comply with GDPR, starting asof May 25th you will stop receiving newsletters and product announcements from us, unless you explicitely opt-in to our mailing list. Rest assured that once opted in, your contact data will be safe with us and not shared with any 3rd party nor used for any other purposes than sending you our newsletters and product announcements. We won’t fill in your inboxes as we send no more than one to two messages per month.

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EnCo TeamTime to opt-in to EnCo’s newsletter

Where SAP & Proximus meet

Proximus expose Telco assets via the Enco Market Place for the developer community. SAP API Business Hub is the central catalog of all SAP and partner APIs. Developers can build sample apps, extensions and open integrations with SAP, offering access to a broad set of intelligent capabilities (like the ones offered by SAP Leonardo). It’s logical that both worlds will meet because telecommunication is a cornerstone in a lot of business processes.  As a partner of SAP, we worked on the integration of 2 different assets (SMS and IOT ). read more

Bart Van VlierbergheWhere SAP & Proximus meet

Error handling at Proximus EnCo

Proximus EnCo is an API platform exposing a wide range of services in the domains of Telco, IoT, Big Data, Cloud and other disruptive technologies such as blockchain. The challenge is to provide consistent user experience across all services, with the highest possible quality. Error handling is an important aspect of it for all developers using our APIs. To achieve that, we pay attention to Internet standards (e.g. HTTP Status codes) and best practices.

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Pierre DolloneError handling at Proximus EnCo

Blockchain as a Service, our next “EnCo Night” topic at Co.Station Ghent

The EnCo team continues to tour the Co.Station locations in Belgium, leveraging each of these sessions to give the audience a primer on new services we are bringing to the EnCo platform. Our next session will be hosted in Co.Station Ghent on March 20th, and will be focused on our new Blockchain-as-a-Service offering.

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Frederic MottiatBlockchain as a Service, our next “EnCo Night” topic at Co.Station Ghent

EnCo CloudEngine pre-announcement : the next level for CloudChannels

The EnCo CloudChannel has been available to users since the launch of the EnCo platform. Its goal has always been to help connect various assets together from our platform as well as to the outside world without the complication or the programming skills required to master a tool like an ESB.

At the very start, CloudChannel was especially developed to support collecting data sent by LoRa devices, and evolved over time to include more inbound (HTTP and MQTT) as well as outbound capabilities (HTTP, MQTT, SMS, MS Azure Event Hub, WayLay, AllThingsTalk Maker, …).  In parallel, we also gave users the ability to extend from monoChannel to multiChannels definitions, a capability especially useful when different routing decisions were to be applied to source events.

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Frederic MottiatEnCo CloudEngine pre-announcement : the next level for CloudChannels

Join us for the first Proximus EnCo Night powered by Co.Station

As Proximus invested in Co.Station, we wanted to add a new concrete and practical area of collaboration to the story. Co.Station’s mission on accelerating Scale-Ups and EnCo’s focus on innovation and disruptive projects is the obvious cornerstone of our collaboration.

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Frederic MottiatJoin us for the first Proximus EnCo Night powered by Co.Station

The EnCo AR Viewer application is now available for free

The EnCo AR Viewer is an Android App that allows you to display values like temperature, shocks or level in Augmented Reality. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate the power API’s in an Internet of Things context. At EnCo, we already used it to develop inspiring demos in health, logistic or smart building contexts. Now it’s EnCo users’ turn to use it the way they want !

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EnCo TeamThe EnCo AR Viewer application is now available for free