Great surprises in Hackathon, 2 concrete examples

Proximus EnCo provides powerful tools in hackathon context. And, if you give hackers the right tools, they have the means to surprise you! Let’s focus here on 2 concrete examples: innovative patterns to send datas from EnCo to other platforms like SAP’s Hana or IBM’s Bluemix Cloud, and, the great adventure that is becoming Bebob !

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EnCo TeamGreat surprises in Hackathon, 2 concrete examples

Hello World !

Here it is, just for you: the Proximus EnCo Blog on enabling.be !

The Enco Blog arrives with a bunch of new social media tools all selected to enhance communication both with and within the developer’s community working with the EnCo Platform. Its goal is to keep you updated with every news related to Proximus EnCo and to bring to light cases and projects powered by the EnCo Platform.

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EnCo TeamHello World !