A simple SMS bot to check meeting room availability

Among all scarce resources on this planet, meeting rooms should definitely be considered one of them. Even if you have a room reservation system, it can be cumbersome to use whatever web site or application to check if a room is available right now, as you need it (open the laptop, wait for it to connect on the network, open Outlook, check the meeting room status, etc). On top of this, a room may be flagged as booked in a reservation system while being actually free, as the people who booked it changed their plans (hello co-working spaces ?).

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Frederic MottiatA simple SMS bot to check meeting room availability

EnCo CloudEngine pre-announcement : the next level for CloudChannels

The EnCo CloudChannel has been available to users since the launch of the EnCo platform. Its goal has always been to help connect various assets together from our platform as well as to the outside world without the complication or the programming skills required to master a tool like an ESB.

At the very start, CloudChannel was especially developed to support collecting data sent by LoRa devices, and evolved over time to include more inbound (HTTP and MQTT) as well as outbound capabilities (HTTP, MQTT, SMS, MS Azure Event Hub, WayLay, AllThingsTalk Maker, …).  In parallel, we also gave users the ability to extend from monoChannel to multiChannels definitions, a capability especially useful when different routing decisions were to be applied to source events.

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Frederic MottiatEnCo CloudEngine pre-announcement : the next level for CloudChannels

When Liiatech meets EnCo

Still under business preview stage, EnCo needs your feedback now more than ever. That’s why we often propose our top users to meet and to give a presentation of their project on the blog towards our users community. Today, let me introduce you to Said, Khalid and Adberrahim and their common project: Liiatech !

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EnCo TeamWhen Liiatech meets EnCo
Enco-logo-header.jpg is becoming (VIDEO)

In the past few months we have been hinting towards a massive upgrade of our enabling platform, where we move from a business preview to a commercial platform. With, we are happy to announce that we are ready, and you can expect a whole new experience starting in October!

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EnCo is becoming (VIDEO)

When a Museum uses EnCo to build an IoT Prototype

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a great museum for his unique collection of dinosaurs, of course. But it does a lot of other things… They even built an IoT prototype!  We met Christian Burlet, one of our powerful users. He works on preserving and studying extremely rare meteorites coming from all parts of the world.

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EnCo TeamWhen a Museum uses EnCo to build an IoT Prototype

DIS API : Unleash the power of the 1207 1307 Directory !

DIS or Directory Information Service is a simple but yet powerful API as it allows scoring and autocompletion of addresses. It opens access to the well known Belgian service and which are getting rejuvenated as an API asset. The Directory Information Service API arrived beginning of July as part of a minor platform update.

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EnCo TeamDIS API : Unleash the power of the 1207 1307 Directory !