SMS API is now available on EnCo Market !

It is finally here! THE API everyone was looking forward to, is now available on EnCo Market: SMS API! You want to offer a great reach to your outbound marketing campaign, need to send threshold based alerts or strengthen your security with two-factor authentication? Maybe you don’t know it yet but SMS API is exactly what you need!

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EnCo TeamSMS API is now available on EnCo Market !

Coding Battle : The future of Health Care

EnCo is a good & fast way to build an IoT / Cloud solution and easily take advantage of Big Data knowledge. We wanted to demonstrate this aspect to you with a Coding Battle! Who will be the faster to connect an IoT device and then to analyze datas coming from it for weeks? The first one to complete the challenge will light up a Christmas tree!

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EnCo TeamCoding Battle : The future of Health Care

WaylaySolvice : Optimize your lab delivery flow #Hackapost

At Hackpost, Waylay and Solvice join forces to optimize the delivery flow. It may look simple as an Idea now that a lot of people use services like Uber but the technical challenge was huge: find a way to integrate different API Backends. The tricky part is also that both the source and destination of the delivery are not constant and the driver needs to get notifications on his iOS/ Android device in real time!

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EnCo TeamWaylaySolvice : Optimize your lab delivery flow #Hackapost