DIS API : Unleash the power of the 1207 1307 Directory !

DIS or Directory Information Service is a simple but yet powerful API as it allows scoring and autocompletion of addresses. It opens access to the well known Belgian service 1207.be and 1307.be which are getting rejuvenated as an API asset. The Directory Information Service API arrived beginning of July as part of a minor platform update.

Sanitize your addresses with DIS!

Directory Information Services, or DIS for short, exposes API’s that are connected to one of the largest and most complete databases for Belgian address information. Using the API, you can either autocomplete street names, or locality names, or you could use the more advanced scoring functionality. The scoring function allows you to put up street names, locality names or entire addresses as either separate fields or in one field. The backend will score that input against the address database, and return addresses closely matching the input. This functionality is ideal for sanitizing address databases (e.g. for billing), or validating addresses on input forms.

Enjoy DIS for free

All users in our current beta program have received full access to the API and should see the asset on their EnCo developer portal for playing around with it. Don’t have an account yet? No worries, if you register now you will still receive access to all assets, at least until the end of beta.

What’s coming next ?

Our work is not finished and we will add new functionnality related to DIS API. Why would we stay limited to provide access to adresses if we could link them to names and phone numbers? Or what about adding useful metadata about the buildings at the address? Several expansions are currently under investigation by our team. Stay tuned for more informations!

Check documentation here and stay tuned for more information.

Don’t hesitate to send us feedback on your own use and experience here.

You could even win a WiPy in the process !

EnCo TeamDIS API : Unleash the power of the 1207 1307 Directory !
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