When a Museum uses EnCo to build an IoT Prototype

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a great museum for his unique collection of dinosaurs, of course. But it does a lot of other things… They even built an IoT prototype!  We met Christian Burlet, one of our powerful users. He works on preserving and studying extremely rare meteorites coming from all parts of the world.

Christian Burlet, a researcher at the Royal Institue of Natural Sciences, wanted to demonstrate that IoT could help him in his everyday job. Christian is attached to the Geological department and contribute to the Geological Servey of Belgium, you can access to some of his papers here. To ensure their preservation, he needed a clear view on real time metrics related to the meteorites stock.

IoT Prototype_Natural Sciences (9)

Enco instantly matched his needs on early prototyping the solution. He used SeaaS API to connect a temperature, humidity and air quality sensor to his own server. Via a MySQL Database, he could ensure compatibility with other data and start playing with it. You can have access to the real time data here. We could even see our own impact on it after visiting the room…

IoT Prototype_Natural Sciences (2)

On above picture, you can see his prototype inside the Meteorite storage room. It is based on the LoRa ATTALK Rapid Developpment kit. It was perfect to experiment the solution and to showcase it to his colleagues. He chose to use the Temperature and Air Quality Sensor and his feedback is very good. The sensor use Sensarion components also used in other professional devices at the museum. In his infrastructure, EnCo is almost directly connected to his Data Base via our Cloud Channel.

IoT Prototype_Natural Sciences (3)

We ended our visit there by a tour in the museum looking at extremely rare meteorites and dinosaurs skeletons and instantly started discussing other possible projects…

So, stay tuned for more!

EnCo TeamWhen a Museum uses EnCo to build an IoT Prototype
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