Enabling.be is becoming enco.io (VIDEO)

In the past few months we have been hinting towards a massive upgrade of our enabling platform, where we move from a business preview to a commercial platform. With enco.io, we are happy to announce that we are ready, and you can expect a whole new experience starting in October!

enco.io is coming

First and foremost, enco.io will become our new home, and also the API’s will move to this domain. Besides the new name, our website will receive a complete overhaul with a new layout and improved user experience. The DevPortal will still be there of course, to help you get started on using our API’s.

EnCo Market is opening soon

A new addition to the website is our EnCo Market, where you can find a full overview of all our assets and their description, pricing plans, and usage. Free usage tiers will keep existing, to allow you to keep on building your projects. Once you are commercially using an asset, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan allowing for extended usage.

Keep Calm & reconnect !

Note that while we are busy with the rollout of our upgraded platform, between the 3rd and 4th of October, there will be heavy service interruptions. After our upgrade is finished, you will receive an email asking to reenter your credentials to reconnect your account to the platform. Your assets will not be impacted.

Thanks for your understanding. You will surely like the upgrade.


EnCo TeamEnabling.be is becoming enco.io (VIDEO)
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