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The Hackapost Team wants to take good care of your energy bill. More than any other price comparator, their service can also monitor your smarthome to optimize your energy consomption. The deployment, maintenance and exploitation of the smart sensors together with the informations they collect offer a broad range of new services for bpost.

With you don’t worry about energy consomption anymore!

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The cost of living matters to us all and electricity is THE very hot topic in medias and among the society. There are about 4.6 millions households in Belgium and 95% of them do not have the best energy contract! wanted to focus on electricity to propose a Minimum Viable Product at Hackapost. Bertrand Anckaert and Pol Brouckaert have been working on a stand alone version of for some time and were joined at Hackapost by Friedger Müffke and Carl Daneels.

At Hackapost, they decided to include another aspect that directly impact the energy bill: the optimisation of energy consomption through IoT. What if we would have the postman install and maintain a network of smart meters? Changing provider would be even more seamless!

The Concept

ContractFit Hackapost_1The LoRa sensors connected to the EnCo Platform and managed by bpost transform your home into a Smart Home. The data are sent to bpost that will then share relevant data to partner companies like utility provider, insurance companies or Tech startups. Those partners will be compared to find the better price and to optimize the user’s energy concomption. The sensors offer an accurate view on consomtion but can in addition offer new services like early detection of fire, of water leakages or even of a burglary!

Bertrand and Pol continued to develop the software and business model, whereas Friedger focussed on the sensors and Carl acted as a sparring partner to help shape the storyline.

Hackapost was a great experience for them, Bertand from speaks up for the entire team: “In under 2 days, we were able to build a proof of concept that leverages the postman, the LoRa sensors and network and the Azure cloud to bring our service to the next level! Hackapost really helped us to think beyond our current business model. It’s amazing what you can do in just two days when you have all the required technology, expertise and business skills at arms length.”


EnCo : Save time & money for what truly matters #Hackapost
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