bpost Angels : On duty for your well-being #Hackapost

For the Hackapost team: bpost Angels, there ain’t no doubt that the postman could give a human face to tomorrow’s tech society. Together with a full set of IOT sensors connected on the EnCo Platform and powered by Azure’s cloud capacities, bpost Angels make the postman become part of an innovative solution that help an elderly staying at their home instead of going to a nursing home.

What if your postman could help in taking care of your Grandma’ ?

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This concept is maybe driven by good intentions but it’s at the same time very rational. Following bpost Angels estimations, today 2 millions people are  +65 years old in Belgium and the figure keeps on rising to become more than 2.7 millions by 2030…

Bpost Angels’s solution provide a service that ensure peace of mind for the family. It is based both on humans and technologies. Their solution monitor the physical well-being of the elderly and help to fulfill basic tasks like buying some bread without moving from house. It is powered by LoRa and Azure technologies connected through the EnCo Platform and make an intensive use of bpost assets like the Postman, the Call Center and Handheld services.

The bpost Angels Concept

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How does it works? With LoRa sensors, a lot of sensors! Those can measure and detect: temperature, falling, when fridge is open, the absence of motion, gas, etc… The notifications are managed by a rules engine that decide if there is an emergency or not. If yes, the bpost call center can call a family member, if not then the postmen will come around the day after to check if the elderly is ok. The system allows also the elderly to Ping a Postman for tasks like buying bread…

A Kit is required to start running the service then a subscription to use Home Monitoring and a fee is paid when the user Ping a Postman. We won’t go any further with their business model, it was pitched in details in front of the jury by Marc Gerin who also represent the team in this Hackapost developer’s video. The bepost angels is a team composed on the first day at Hackapost. Marc Hoang d’Ornano managed the API and Backoffice while Benjamin Davis was in charge of Web development. Kenneth Ekpang, the operations manager, speaks up for his team about Hackapost: “The experience was very enlightening and insightful. Hackapost provided the opportunity to work in a team, to develop and create a product and business model”.

EnCo Teambpost Angels : On duty for your well-being #Hackapost
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