Molengeek: Interview and Guided tour with Julie Foulon and Ibrahim Ouassari

Molengeek is an incubator, coding school and coworking space located in Molenbeek (Brussels). EnCo was there for the IoT Challenge and it was a fantastic experience ! We decided to go back for a short feedback on the IoT Challenge and also a guided tour with the 2 founders: Julie Foulon and Ibrahim Ouassari.

You need to go there to feel the atmosphere, the optimism and genuine passion these young people have in common. It’s really something unique. But when you look closer, it’s not coming out of nowhere… To find out where this passion is coming from, you don’t need more than a small chat with Julie Foulon and Ibrahim Ouassari.

Could you tell us how Molengeek is born and what are your main activities today?

Julie: Molengeek was born in May 2015. At the very beginning it was a group of friends who just wanted to give access to new technologies and entreprenership. So it started with an event in May 2015 and after that in January 2016, we organized a second event and just after that we wanted to create an incubator through a coworking space. Since then, we organized big events like hackathon, one every 3 months, we organize workshop and also a coding school! 

EnCo supported the IoT challenge with Rapid Development kit, coaching and a workshop, could you give us a feedback on the weekend?

Ibrahim: For us it was the first time we organized an IoT challenge for the whole weekend so we discovered a lot of things and our members too. We came with some challenges in the beginning of the weekend, Friday, like creating a drone with a 3D printer or building a solution using LoRa, the Proximus network for IoT. For me this weekend was all about discovering new things and create with those technologies. For us this weekend is like a new beginning to invest in those technologies because we still have a lot to learn, a lot to discover. Some team came with ideas at the beginning of the weekend, others didn’t.

Julie: The idea of this challenge was to hack and create connected objects that we use in our every day life, to disassemble objects, to think about challenges we are facing in our every day life. How you can hack objects to save time and live a better life? There were Arduino, Rapsberry Pi and Little bits. No matter the technical skills you got, you could create connected objects!

There was a specific project using EnCo?

Julie: Yes, for the project of Youssef, “Find My Things”, the idea was too create a device to localize some objects. He didn’t wanted to use WiFi or Bluetooth but LoRa instead, a network that use a different flow of information. He was very happy to discover EnCo and found out that it could be used for a lot of different applications. I think Proximus should give more visibility for this technology and take part more often to this kind of events to promote these technologies.

We can’t wait to be back there and it could sooner than expected… Ready for a new IoT Challenge? Stay tuned for more !

Now, a guided tour with Julie Foulon :


EnCo TeamMolengeek: Interview and Guided tour with Julie Foulon and Ibrahim Ouassari
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