WaylaySolvice : Optimize your lab delivery flow #Hackapost

At Hackpost, Waylay and Solvice join forces to optimize the delivery flow. It may look simple as an Idea now that a lot of people use services like Uber but the technical challenge was huge: find a way to integrate different API Backends. The tricky part is also that both the source and destination of the delivery are not constant and the driver needs to get notifications on his iOS/ Android device in real time!

WaylaySolvice a great collaboration toward a concrete solution

Route optimization when a society like bpost with his huge fleet ride around 600.000 km per day is something very valuable! It makes sense not only to save money but also for the ecology. Today, everyone knows of services like Uber but the technical aspects are pretty complex.

WaylaySolvice HackapostWaylaySolvice Hackapost_2

Realizing a solution like this in 2 days is quite a challenge. In order to achieve this, Veselin Pizurca, Gilles de Mey, Glenn Van Mele and Piete Vandaele from Waylay together with Christophe Van Huele and Etienne Maerien from Solvice join forces to form the dream team.

WaylaySolvice found a fast way to integrate different API Backends

The Enco Platform receive informations from LoRa Sensors onboarded in bpost’s vehicules and with webhook, those informations are then sent to the Waylay broker. Once those LoRa events are propagated to the Waylay broker, integration can start with the Solvice platform which provide Optimization-as-a-service solution.

Another challenge was to inform the driver on which route to take between two locations. In order to achieve this they used the pushover service to send messages toward mobile devices or web client via the API. When the driver accept the new route a feedback is then sent to the waylay platform that in return trigger a new calculation on solvice or start tracking the delivery. You can find a detailed explanations here.

Waylay could experiment a collaboration with solvice at Hackapost by using bpost assets. This gave to bpost a new perspective on fleet optimization and let the 2 startups start thinking about further collaborations…

EnCo TeamWaylaySolvice : Optimize your lab delivery flow #Hackapost
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