1st EnCo Night of 2019: Blockchain as a Service

26 February 2019 18 h 00 min - 20 h 30 min

You may understand the advantages and promises of blockchain technology, but the technical resources on these technologies are still scarce today. EnCo wants to help you focus on the value of your business by reducing the time required to implement this technology.

We, at EnCo, provide the toolbox from the creation of your private channel, an abstraction layer that facilitates the deployment of Smart Contracts on different Blockchain technologies and the integration of these contracts into your solutions and processes.

EnCo is also an approach in co-creation supporting the rapid execution of pilot projects. In addition to this we offer to support you on projects including the development of your smart contracts and the implementation of the platform.

Come and learn all about it at our first Enco Night of 2019 on 26 February @ Co.Station Charleroi.

EnCo Night is not intended to explain once again what the blockchain is. We offer you a quick overview of our solutions and the study of concrete cases using them. Because the solution is still quite young in our portfolio (beta phase), we are very interested to meet potential partners. Together we can evaluate  the impact of this technology.



Meet our Keynote speaker Julien Marlair

Passionate about blockchains since 2014 and
actively working on it since 2016.

“I lead Blockchain projects at Proximus,
trying to transform innovation into real life projects!”






EnCo Night Program

18:00 – Welcome of guests
18:30 – Introduction by the team at Co.Station Charleroi
18:35 – Introduction of the Proximus EnCo Night team
18:40 – “Blockchain as a Service” by Julien Marlair, Business Development & Innovation Manager at Proximus
19:10 – Drink & Networking



Do you want to start experimenting with smart contracting? Come and discover how EnCo Blockchain as a Service can be of value to you. The Proximus EnCo Night is the perfect way to meet, demo and exchange on innovative projects. Come and join us every two months at Co.Station.

We highly recommend a basic understanding of blockchain and smart contracting concepts to attend this session.

Anke de Ridder1st EnCo Night of 2019: Blockchain as a Service
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