Error handling at Proximus EnCo

Proximus EnCo is an API platform exposing a wide range of services in the domains of Telco, IoT, Big Data, Cloud and other disruptive technologies such as blockchain. The challenge is to provide consistent user experience across all services, with the highest possible quality. Error handling is an important aspect of it for all developers using our APIs. To achieve that, we pay attention to Internet standards (e.g. HTTP Status codes) and best practices.

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Pierre DolloneError handling at Proximus EnCo
Enco-logo-header.jpg is becoming (VIDEO)

In the past few months we have been hinting towards a massive upgrade of our enabling platform, where we move from a business preview to a commercial platform. With, we are happy to announce that we are ready, and you can expect a whole new experience starting in October!

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EnCo is becoming (VIDEO)