Curious Craft from #Hackapost to the Museum

Winner of the public prize at Hackapost, Curious Craft release Le passeur, their first mobile application, for the Museum Marimont ! The young walloon videogame studio don’t do (yet!) raw video games. In fact they put gamification mechanisms in traditional app. They surprised everyone with a great interface at Hackapost and now revolutionizing the relation visitors have with a museum collection.

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EnCo TeamCurious Craft from #Hackapost to the Museum
Bertrand-Anckaert-Contractfit-Hackapost--e1457085053370.png : Save time & money for what truly matters #Hackapost

The Hackapost Team wants to take good care of your energy bill. More than any other price comparator, their service can also monitor your smarthome to optimize your energy consomption. The deployment, maintenance and exploitation of the smart sensors together with the informations they collect offer a broad range of new services for bpost.

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EnCo : Save time & money for what truly matters #Hackapost

bpost Angels : On duty for your well-being #Hackapost

For the Hackapost team: bpost Angels, there ain’t no doubt that the postman could give a human face to tomorrow’s tech society. Together with a full set of IOT sensors connected on the EnCo Platform and powered by Azure’s cloud capacities, bpost Angels make the postman become part of an innovative solution that help an elderly staying at their home instead of going to a nursing home.

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EnCo Teambpost Angels : On duty for your well-being #Hackapost

Hackapost Q&A Session

To get the best from Hackapost, EnCo invited participants to join the Proximus Headquarters for a Q&A session one week before the official competition. These Hackers could receive their LoRa Starter Kit in advance along with quick demos and presentations.

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EnCo TeamHackapost Q&A Session