Create a conference call system with the Proximus FlexIO Visual Designer

Proximus FlexIO conference calls

In this tutorial we will learn how to use the Proximus FlexIO Visual Designer to put an incoming call into a conference room, then bring in two additional parties into that room. Without coding, you will create your own conference call system.

Book a number

Once logged on API Solutions, open a new browser tab to the Proximus FlexIO Number Management microsite and register a new phone number to your account.

Reserve your phone number
Booking a new number for Proximus FlexIO

Create the inbound call application

Go to the Proximus FlexIO console and create a new blank Visual Designer Application, like you have learned from our online documentation or through the various tutorials of this blog. We’ll call this application “inboundConference“.

You can keep the first default Say action and use it to give an announcement such as “Please wait while we bring you in a conference room and bring in the other participants”. Don’t forget to specify your preferred TTS engine and voice, like you have already done so in previous tutorials.

Drag a Dial action, and configure it to call a conference called testconference, as shown below:

This action create the conference room testconference and bring the caller in it. Save this application, and keep this browser window opened.

Create the conference call leg application

To dial the other parties and bring them in the room, we first need to create a new Visual Designer application. Go back to the Proximus FlexIO console and create a new blank Visual Designer application, named “conferenceLeg“. Delete the first default Say action from the welcome module, and add a Dial action that will dial a conference named testconference.

Bringing the call legs into the conference room

Save this application.

We need now to get the web trigger URL for this application. Please refer to the section “outbound call scenario” under Building your first visual designer application in our documentation to understand more about the concept of web trigger URL.

Click on the top right menu, and select first Account Settings to verify that your PRoximus FlexIO credentials are correctly set.

Setting up the application web trigger

Select again the top right menu and click on Web trigger. Enable the trigger, set an application specific token (like “somepassword”), copy the URL then save and close the Web trigger setting.

b trigger and its security token

Paste the copied URL in an empty text file (notepad), and replace “mysecret” at the end of the URL by your application specific token.

Save your application and close that Visual Designer window.

Link the applications together

Prepare the URLs

We will need to change a bit the URL we copied in the previous step. In your text file:

  • change “to=+1231231231” to “to=%2B32xxxxxxxxx” where 32xxxxxxxxx is the phone number to be called
  • change “from=12345” to “from=%2B32aaaaaaaaa” where 32aaaaaaaaa is the FlexIO phone number that you have reserved for this application

Your URL should look like this (we used “x” to mask sensitive information only, your own content should be real):

This will be used to drag this number into the conference room. If you want to add another person, just copy/paste the URL that you just modified and change the “to” number.

Update the inboundConference application

Go back to the browser tab with the Visual Designer application inboundConference. Copy the first URL you prepared, and add it as destination of an External Service action that you add to your module:

Quick summary so far : after the application answers the phone, greets the caller and adds him in a conference room called testconference, the application will make a call to our second application, conferenceLeg, and have it dial our second party and add him into the same room.

If you prepared another URL for another party to be added to the conference room, just add another External Service action exactly the same way. You can add as many as you want, each with their own External Service action.

Save your application.

Link your phone number and test

Go to the Proximus FlexIO Console and select the Numbers section. Select the number you want to use for receiving calls and associate the inboundConference application to it.

You are now ready to test your conference call system!

Author: API Solutions Team

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