Update 1.0.9 : Detailed changelog on DevPortal & EnCo Market

After our last release in January, we just released a new version of EnCo today including updates for both DevPortal & EnCo Market! See below full changelog

Detailed changelog on DevPortal :

New simplified IoT device activation (thanks to CloudChannel Auto Subscription, see below)

  • Simplified device creation
  • Automatic sensor creation (and CloudChannel)
  • Provide Demo Code

SMS Mobile Originated support (after last SMS Mobile Terminated Release, 19/01/2017)

  • Meaning that we can now retrieve the answers from the Mobiles on the platform

WayLay CloudChannel integration

Provide authentication scripts on the documentation page (to lower entry barriers)


Device activation


Detailed changelog on EnCo Market :

User Management(beta) for EnCo and LIS:

  • Ability to register multiple users under the same company
  • User Management page to add/manage/remove users and reset passwords
  • Specific changes in register flow for LIS

CloudChannels: Auto Subscription

  • CloudChannels free plan is automatically subscribed for all legacy and new users (and cannot be cancelled)
  • monoCloudChannels is always free

LIS Registration page changes:

  • Feedback from legal
  • “Data Policy” checkbox

Small bug fixes and improvements

  • SMS API: Support link updated
  • SMS API: typos
  • Browser Authentication box on EnCo DevPortal Deeplink
  • General security and performance improvements
EnCo TeamUpdate 1.0.9 : Detailed changelog on DevPortal & EnCo Market
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