Great surprises in Hackathon, 2 concrete examples

Proximus EnCo provides powerful tools in hackathon context. And, if you give hackers the right tools, they have the means to surprise you! Let’s focus here on 2 concrete examples: innovative patterns to send datas from EnCo to other platforms like SAP’s Hana or IBM’s Bluemix Cloud, and, the great adventure that is becoming Bebob !

Proximus Enco & Hackathon

Proximus EnCo is an API toolbox for developers. With Rapid Development kits like the ones from AllThingsTalk or PyCom, we offer easy and rapid ways for makers to prototype solutions using and combining Telco, IoT, Cloud and Big Data assets. Let’s face it: with our API’s in hands & if you understand right what the Digital Economy approach means, then, you’re ready for hackathon!

Hackathon Q&A Session

Hackathon represent a perfect way to witness live the birth of new prototypes created on EnCo and to gather direct feedbacks on UX. This is crucial for us, especially now! Since the EnCo Market release on oct 20th, EnCo is no more only a prototyping tool…

Thanks to Proximus’s strong DataCenter infrastructure, we can now host the scaling up of your solution with a Freemium pricing and a Pay-as-you-consume approach. EnCo will also soon welcome a new feature to generate extra revenues for you by selling access to your own API’s on the EnCo Market…

Hackathon means fun!

Good Hackathons are fun. At least, they should guarantee you to have a good time. For sure, you should find video games, good food, PingPong table, beers, stuff like that. The concept is that you stay with peers coders and/or business men for three days (& often nights) to hack, create, imagine, dream and, of course, make. The minimum you can expect is some fun!

Whether you are a coder, a businessman or both, it’s hard to expect anything in advance from a hackathon. Often you don’t know who you ll be teaming with and what for… but that’s the beauty of it! Here are 2 types of surprises we had in Hackathon in 2016.

Let us introduce you to Proximus Innovation

Proximus sometimes offer a specific follow-up for the winners of a Hackathon. They are invited to present their project to Proximus Innovation department. This year, we offered this personalized accompaniment in the Hack-a-post and VRHackathon contexts.

For the first, the experience was not very satisfying to be honest. The team’s members were already busy with their individual careers -which is a good thing- and, sadly, failed to expose to bpost and Proximus where their own extra-value was.

For Bebob, it’s a complete other story. Their project is still in early stage, even their name is subject to change! But we have good faith in them and are very interested in supporting them with the creation of a technical framework including 360° video stream.  We offered them a desk at Co.Station Ghent to help them in their firsts weeks of existence.

Co-creation with the ecosystem

In Hackathons, projects often include interaction between different environments in a way it’s never been done before. It happens that we organize workshop with pears from the ecosystem to showcase a step-by-step how-to-do. For instance, we had an workshop with IBM where we connected EnCo to Bluemix. It’s official, we will organize a second one in 2K17 so stay tuned if you are curious about it!

But Hackathon can offer you also a way to directly try things. At logistics of the future, for instance, SAP took a few LoRa RDK, created accounts on and started to look for a way to receive sensor datas from EnCo CloudChannels API to SAP Hana Cloud. You can have a look at it by following the below link included in Didier’s Tweet:

Hackathons, what else?

By claiming our love to Hackathons, we don’t want to denigrate other type of events we love. Workshops represent often less creation than in a Hackathon but it is still a good way to accompany participants on following a coding scenario or to encourage discussions over business creation / digitization. Summit represent even less creation and participation but are still very precious for business / tech networking purposes. We also love Coding Battles where there is (almost) no business but only coding !

Author: API Solutions Team

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