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Everyday you have interactions with your customers. In these days of social networks, they can voice their satisfaction or frustration in seconds. How can you stay on top and pulse your customer satisfaction by measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS), integrating the measurement right into your business flows ?

Triggered from your applications

Integrating systematic customer surveys is an easy job using our APIs: have you just closed a support ticket, hung up the phone or handled that customer complaint file ? As long as your applications or workflows allow to trigger external calls based on such events, you’re good to go!

Unlimited multilingual surveys

With our new customer Survey API, you can create as many surveys as needed to support the various projects or teams that you want to measure. Each survey can be define to support multiple languages.

Normalizing the answers

Using the Customer Survey API, you can make sure to always send the same question for a defined process, interaction or team. Bad responses are automatically eliminated. We also make it possible to add segmentation (like tags) when sending the survey allowing finer grained reporting without revealing personal customer data (we don’t store any personal data).

Get your score

When using the API to retrieve your result reports, you will get a recap of your request, the NPS score and some response statistics. The NPS score is a number between -100 and 100. We also provide the number of promoters and detractors (absolute values) to give a finer view on the response split. Statistics are provided purely on the response so that you can evaluate the response rate and how well your surveys are performing.

Get started in minutes

Do you want to start measuring your NPS score and overall customer satisfaction now ? Developers can get started in minutes by simply signing up to our Customer Survey API Free Plan. Once you get your hands on the APIs and tested your integrations, you can scale up to our Premium Plan.

Do you have any question ? Feel free to reach out to us!

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Author: API Solutions Team

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