Proximus FlexIO, the CPaaS platform from Proximus

Proximus FlexIO

We are happy to announce the launch of a complete new set of communication capabilities now integrated in the Proximus API Solutions marketplace : Proximus FlexIO is a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution to address business use cases that require flexibility of communication to engage with customers and employees.

Imagine having communication buildings blocks, usable via API or using a Visual Designer, allowing your applications to support scenarios such as creating private calls between your customers, building an interactive voice response system in front of your ordering system, having your applications trigger voice call-outs to customers to remind them about upcoming appointments or deliveries, queuing calls for your support team and record phone conversations for later analysis and education…

Imagine being able to not only play your own audio files in phone calls, but having the ability to leverage multiple speech to text and text to speech engines, in a wide variety of languages so your communication scenarios can be totally flexible across multi-cultural environments…

Imagine having your local national telco operator delivering such modern communication assets built on top of its renowned quality of service…

These are the promises we intend to fulfil with Proximus FlexIO !

Proximus FlexIO at a glance

Proximus FlexIO : CPaaS with APIs and Visual Designer

Proximus FlexIO is built upon 4 major components:

  1. Number management: the ability to instantaneously order fixed phone numbers in Belgium and associate them to your applications. Numbers can be used both for inbound and outbound calls
  2. Visual Designer: a graphical user interface that allows to create voice or SMS applications requiring zero coding, ideal for business users or rapid development and prototyping
  3. Communication APIs: a complete set of REST APIs that allows the creation and control of voice calls and messaging conversations
  4. Turn-Key Solution APIs: solution-oriented high-level APIs supporting higher level functions such as 2 Factor Authentication and call queue management

Only pay for what you use

Proximus FlexIO is a pure Pay-As-You-Use, zero commitment solution enabling businesses to pay only for the services they consume. The inherent scalability of our cloud architecture enables users to consume as much or as little services as needed by their application or business processes.

How to get started?

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a Proximus customer or not, all you need to get started is an account on Proximus API Solutions, a credit card linked to our account (invoicing also possible for enterprises) and to activate a subscription to Proximus FlexIO.

Need some guidance to get started? Discover our zero-coding tutorials or give us shout and we’ll get back to you.

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Author: API Solutions Team

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