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Check out the latest news below about APIs and solutions launched on the Proximus API Solutions marketplace, events and other interesting info we’d like to share with you. Make sure you won’t miss our tutorials page to help you get started with our APIs.

Integrate conversational messaging into your CRM or ATS application

Integrating conversational messaging into your CRM or ATS applications is easier said than done. While sending out SMS campaigns can seem simple at first, actually starting a conversation is another matter entirely! ...
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Customer interactions before and after a visit to your shop

The shopping experience doesn’t start or end at the doors of your store anymore. Your customers are online 24/7. They expect a consistent experience in any contact with your physical store, web shop, after-sales service and more. On top of that, for many ...
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Support ‘the right to disconnect’ while serving your customers and strengthening your employer brand

Companies want to protect their employees from burnout situations, but they also want to serve their customers in the best possible way. Find out how FlexIO voicemail can help you achieve this, while even strengthening your commercial and employer brand! ...
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NextGen Voicemail takes care of your callers when you can’t

NextGen Voicemail takes care of your callers when you can't, offers a better user experience, true convergence, and additional business insights and value. Did you know that on average, 20 to 60% of incoming calls are unanswered?When your customers know ...
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Sunset of the “Enco” login

At the end of February 2021, we will complete the migration of user authentication on the Proximus API Solutions platform to "MyProximus" logins and sunset the older “enco” logins. This may have implications for you so please read the following ...
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Proximus FlexIO

Proximus FlexIO, the CPaaS platform from Proximus

We are happy to announce the launch of a complete new set of communication capabilities now integrated in the Proximus API Solutions marketplace : Proximus FlexIO is a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution to address business use cases ...
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