FamousGrey & Visit.Brussels launch a real time city guide

The renowned full-service agency, FamousGrey, has developed a real time city guide for Visit.Brussels, called now.brussels. The app allows you to discover Brussels through the eyes of its true inhabitants.

“Brussels has a lot of beautiful places, many of them undiscovered by tourists, but known by the locals. Visit.Brussels came up with the idea of creating an app as part of a larger campaign aimed at French and Spanish tourists, that shows visitors where the hotspots are located at any time of the day, in real time“. States Maarten Breda, Experience Director at FamousGrey.

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Anke de RidderFamousGrey & Visit.Brussels launch a real time city guide

Decoding OpenAMR payloads for Maddalena LoRaWAN water sensors

Maddalena IoT-enabled water meters

Maddalena s.p.a. is an Italian company providing water readers that are frequently used in Belgium and across Europe. Water meters such as the PR-MWM can detect the lowest flow rates (from 0.5 liters / hour). So this makes them, according to this company, “the ideal meter for billing cold water consumption in collective housing”.

Maddalena understood the market’s need for connected meters quite well. So they teamed up with Kerlink to create a LoRaWAN™ add-on radio module. This module makes it possible to collect water consumption data over long distances. Its battery life can last up to 15 years thanks to the low power requirements of LoRaWAN and an optimization in the way this module works.

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Anke de RidderDecoding OpenAMR payloads for Maddalena LoRaWAN water sensors

Proximus EnCo supports team in IoT hackathon

Recently the first edition of the R-IoT games took place. Realdolmen organized this hackathon for all Flemish-speaking colleges, universities and training centers. The challenge of the competition: ‘Make our society a better place with the help of IoT’. 4 students of the University of Ghent took on this challenge and composed a team as T.Inc with their project called ‘Bin Possible’. They reached out to Proximus for support.

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Anke de RidderProximus EnCo supports team in IoT hackathon

Proximus helps Goodplanet to measure impact

Today, all types of organisations in many different sectors get confronted with the need for digital transformation. As was Goodplanet at the end of 2017. Together with Proximus they were able to take the first steps into the world of IoT to help them measure the impact of their activities.

Goodplanet is a non-profit organisation that is active in environmental education and sensitization for 20 years now. They work mainly with schools and companies to educated and sensitize them in different environmental fields. Their main topics are nature, food and circular economies.

In the organisation, several employees are managing projects from the office in Brussels. Other collaborators are active in the field to do coaching and raise awareness. “We reach about 500,000 people a year with our many different activities”, says Clément Magos, responsible for innovation and IT projects at Goodplanet.

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Anke de RidderProximus helps Goodplanet to measure impact

Get notified whenever Proximus EnCo creates, updates or resolves an incident

Error handling in the context of APIs is a major aspect of the developer’s experience and the final customer. Our goal at EnCo is to provide a consistent user experience across all services, with the highest possible quality.

Did you know you could easily stay up-to-date on all incidents happening on Proximus EnCo? Keep track of the response time of each asset, get notified of scheduled platform maintenance or of any other issue that may occur. You can choose through which medium you want to be notified:

  • email notifications whenever Proximus Enco createsupdates or resolves an incident.
  • text message notifications whenever Proximus Enco creates or resolves an incident.
  • webhook notifications whenever Proximus Enco creates an incident, updates an incident, resolves an incident or changes a component status.

Subscribe now on http://status.enco.io/ and make sure you don’t miss any status updates!

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Anke de RidderGet notified whenever Proximus EnCo creates, updates or resolves an incident

LoRa data integration made possible in your own applications via easy scripting

SAP has an IoT platform within its rich portfolio that offers strong data analysis & reporting (e.g. with the leonardo solutions). The platform manages devices from multiple origins and consolidates sensor & meta data.

Proximus offers the My Things API as part of the LoRa network. MyThings allows you to administrate the LoRa sensors (f.e. with decoding profiles and auto activation of sensors) and basic data sending. Proximus EnCo makes LoRa data integration possible in your own applications via easy scripting.

Therefore EnCo’s CloudEngine is extended with different modules and a pattern that allows you to integrate on both platforms. Of course, without loosing the flexibility and still matching the security requirements of both systems. To support this, we have added 2 modules to CloudEngine that allows you to script your engine based on the input of data coming from MyThings.

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Anke de RidderLoRa data integration made possible in your own applications via easy scripting

Bridging IoT and legacy systems with CloudEngine (2): scheduled scripts

In our first article about bridging IoT with legacy systems, we saw that CloudEngine now provides a simple and convenient way to accumulate incoming IoT data in a temporary storage structure. And then send the data as a CSV attachment when you have reached a defined number of records. We are adding as of today a new CloudEngine capability that allows you to trigger script executions based on schedules.

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EnCo TeamBridging IoT and legacy systems with CloudEngine (2): scheduled scripts

Bridging IoT and legacy systems with CloudEngine (1) : csv file generation

Throughout our experience as a major player of the Internet of Things in Belgium, we worked on projects where every single element of the IoT value chain was at the tip of the arrow of the ICT evolution : modern low power sensors, low power networks such as LoRa and Narrowband IoT, cloud-based platforms from Microsoft, SAP or other big players, advanced use cases for automation leveraging machine learning, … However we also support projects where we need to help bridging legacy systems, which may reside of both extremes of the value chain:

  1. industrial devices using “historical” data protocols such as RS-232, RS-432, ModBus, etc require connection to newer modern data & application platforms leveraging LoRaWAN and narrowband IoT transport. Proximus works with gateways and bridges providers whose devices help interconnect these worlds;
  2. newer IoT devices and sensors using modern IoT networks need to send their data to legacy applications with limited data ingestion capabilities (csv files, ftp file transfer or email-based data ingestion, …);
  3. a combination of 1 and 2 above, ie leveraging LoRaWAN or NBIoT networks to receive data from legacy industrial sensors and machinery and let legacy applications ingest this data


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EnCo TeamBridging IoT and legacy systems with CloudEngine (1) : csv file generation