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Check out the latest news below about APIs and solutions launched on the Proximus API Solutions marketplace, events and other interesting info we’d like to share with you. Make sure you won’t miss our tutorials page to help you get started with our APIs.

Discover the latest CloudEngine features

A lot of new features have been brought to the EnCo CloudEngine since the beginning of 2019. We thought it might be a good moment to pause for a second and quickly summarize all what we have added as well ...
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Proximus helps Goodplanet to measure impact

Today, all types of organisations in many different sectors get confronted with the need for digital transformation. As was Goodplanet at the end of 2017. Together with Proximus they were able to take the first steps into the world of ...
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LoRa data integration made possible in your own applications via easy scripting

SAP has an IoT platform within its rich portfolio that offers strong data analysis & reporting (e.g. with the leonardo solutions). The platform manages devices from multiple origins and consolidates sensor & meta data. Proximus offers the My Things API as ...
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Real time audience and crowd insights : tapping into mobile data opens new use cases

Proximus EnCo has released the Real Time Crowd Management API, a new capability to measure live national & international footprint or audience on any geographic location in Belgium. Any software developer can now integrate live data streams on people count in ...
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