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How to retrieve your IoT data with a MQTT client ?

In most cases, an IoT Telco operator allows you access the data from your sensors by pushing this data to your application over HTTP. We have seen in previous articles that Proximus CloudEngine makes it possible to benefit from other ...
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Integrating LoRaWAN devices in the Azure IoT Reference Architecture

In this article, you will discover how Proximus makes it easier to automate the integration of LoRaWAN sensors connected to our national public LoRa network with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. We will indicate that this integration can go far ...
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Decoding OpenAMR payloads for Maddalena LoRaWAN water sensors

Maddalena IoT-enabled water meters Maddalena s.p.a. is an Italian company providing water readers that are frequently used in Belgium and across Europe. Water meters such as the PR-MWM can detect the lowest flow rates (from 0.5 liters / hour). So ...
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Get notified whenever Proximus EnCo creates, updates or resolves an incident

Error handling in the context of APIs is a major aspect of the developer’s experience and the final customer. Our goal at EnCo is to provide a consistent user experience across all services, with the highest possible quality. Did you ...
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