LoRa data integration made possible in your own applications via easy scripting

SAP has an IoT platform within its rich portfolio that offers strong data analysis & reporting (e.g. with the leonardo solutions). The platform manages devices from multiple origins and consolidates sensor & meta data.

Proximus offers the My Things API as part of the LoRa network. MyThings allows you to administrate the LoRa sensors (f.e. with decoding profiles and auto activation of sensors) and basic data sending. Proximus EnCo makes LoRa data integration possible in your own applications via easy scripting.

Therefore EnCo’s CloudEngine is extended with different modules and a pattern that allows you to integrate on both platforms. Of course, without loosing the flexibility and still matching the security requirements of both systems. To support this, we have added 2 modules to CloudEngine that allows you to script your engine based on the input of data coming from MyThings.

1. The SAP Iot Device Management Module

The SAP IoT Device Management Module gives you the possibility to create and/or update SAP Devices, Sensors, SensorTypes, Capabilities and Properties in your SAP IOT environment. This is based on events from the “MyThings -Thing” input connector in the CloudEngine. The module will check if the provided capabilities exist. If one of them does not, it will be created. This module will update the existing capability when it lacks a provided property by one. The same mechanism will be used to make sure the provided sensor type and device exists and is up-to-date.



2. The SAP data module

This module allows you to send data to the SAP IoT platform. It will use MQTT as an underlying transport. Therefore, you need to make sure you activate an MQTT gateway on the SAP IoT platform, when you send data to devices on SAP. “MyThings Data” is in this case eligible as the input for the CloudEngine.

It’s possible to expand this solution with multiple SAP capabilities/properties per device. What’s the maximum value reached for this sensor for instance? A concrete implemented case is the Proximus cable yard. To be efficient, it’s important to have a good view on the distributed stocks. Therefore Proximus installed IoT LoRa sensors on its reels. The Omniplex sensors are measuring GPS, temperature and movement. This information is sent to the SAP IoT platform via MyThings & Proximus Enco. As a result, we can use their advanced reporting to see for example which reel is present where.











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Author: API Solutions Team

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