Decoding OpenAMR payloads for Maddalena LoRaWAN water sensors

Maddalena IoT-enabled water meters

Maddalena s.p.a. is an Italian company providing water readers that are frequently used in Belgium and across Europe. Water meters such as the PR-MWM can detect the lowest flow rates (from 0.5 liters / hour). So this makes them, according to this company, “the ideal meter for billing cold water consumption in collective housing”.

Maddalena understood the market’s need for connected meters quite well. So they teamed up with Kerlink to create a LoRaWAN™ add-on radio module. This module makes it possible to collect water consumption data over long distances. Its battery life can last up to 15 years thanks to the low power requirements of LoRaWAN and an optimization in the way this module works.

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Anke de RidderDecoding OpenAMR payloads for Maddalena LoRaWAN water sensors

Update Nora: Detailed Changelog on enco.io

After our February release, time has come for another big step forward for EnCo with Update 1.1 AKA NoRa !

From Tuesday April 11th 7AM until 10AM, EnCo will deploy a new version of EnCo.io & services including new connectors on CloudChannels API (All Things Talk, Waylay and SMS), Sensor-as-a-Service API enriched with a “Bring-your-Own Sensor” with LoRaWAN plan and many more! All EnCo functionalities will be down during deployment. A message will be sent to user and a comment on blog when deployment is achieved. See below full Changelog.

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EnCo TeamUpdate Nora: Detailed Changelog on enco.io