SMS API is now available on EnCo Market !

It is finally here! THE API everyone was looking forward to, is now available on EnCo Market: SMS API! You want to offer a great reach to your outbound marketing campaign, need to send threshold based alerts or strengthen your security with two-factor authentication? Maybe you don’t know it yet but SMS API is exactly what you need!

SMS API from Proximus, one of the most anticipated services by developers, is available as of today! The wait is over, you can subscribe right here. It simply allows your system, application or solution to send SMS to your customers, clients, visitors, devices, etc. You will be able to communicate automatically, directly and anywhere. Of course, it is also set to evolve with time…

SMS API already responds to the most demanded requirements.

Starting from now, your solution can send SMS (Short Message Service) to everyone in Belgium. You can notify and interact easily with your customers or prospects with Proximus’ highest service quality! Your SMSs will be safe with us and they won’t get blocked or lost! Furthermore, you can easily imagine and prototype great interactions with other services (IoT, Adress AutoComplete and a lot more). All EnCo originated SMSs use a certified shared code: 8937, for free. Finally, prices fit with EnCo’s philosophy: “Pay as you grow”.

SMS API will keep on evolving !

Almost every points above will soon evolve! We will extend the service to international destinations. You will also be able to retrieve responses from your users (SMS-MO, aka mobile originated or inbound SMS) and obtain your own dedicated code to use as a “from” number.

Enjoy our new API, please share your feedback with us and stay tuned for updates !

Author: API Solutions Team

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