Where SAP & Proximus Enco.io meet

Proximus expose Telco assets via the Enco Market Place for the developer community. SAP API Business Hub is the central catalog of all SAP and partner APIs. Developers can build sample apps, extensions and open integrations with SAP, offering access to a broad set of intelligent capabilities (like the ones offered by SAP Leonardo). It’s logical that both worlds will meet because telecommunication is a cornerstone in a lot of business processes.  As a partner of SAP, we worked on the integration of 2 different assets (SMS and IOT ). Continue reading “Where SAP & Proximus Enco.io meet”

The EnCo AR Viewer application is now available for free

The EnCo AR Viewer is an Android App that allows you to display values like temperature, shocks or level in Augmented Reality. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate the power API’s in an Internet of Things context. At EnCo, we already used it to develop inspiring demos in health, logistic or smart building contexts. Now it’s EnCo users’ turn to use it the way they want ! Continue reading “The EnCo AR Viewer application is now available for free”

SMS API is now available on EnCo Market !

It is finally here! THE API everyone was looking forward to, is now available on EnCo Market: SMS API! You want to offer a great reach to your outbound marketing campaign, need to send threshold based alerts or strengthen your security with two-factor authentication? Maybe you don’t know it yet but SMS API is exactly what you need!
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Great surprises in Hackathon, 2 concrete examples

Proximus EnCo provides powerful tools in hackathon context. And, if you give hackers the right tools, they have the means to surprise you! Let’s focus here on 2 concrete examples: innovative patterns to send datas from EnCo to other platforms like SAP’s Hana or IBM’s Bluemix Cloud, and, the great adventure that is becoming Bebob !

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